Sunday, March 6, 2011

Intermolecular Forces in Ethanol

 ------ Dipole Dipole, ______ Hydrogen

If you were to put 2 Ethanol molecules next to each other, they would have 3 types of intermolecular forces bonding them together. The first force would be London Dispersion. This happens between all molecules, no matter what (see below). The second force would be Dipole Dipole (see below). Because Ethanol is a polar molecule, it has positive and negative ends. This allows itself to bond to other Ethanol molecules, as seen by the dotted line above. The third and strongest intermolecular force would be the Hydrogen bond between H and O (see below).

London Dispersion- The weakest of the 3 listed intermolecular forces, this attraction takes place between every molecule. The attraction is caused by the exchange of electrons between molecules.

Dipole Dipole- This attraction, shown by the dotted line, is the positive end (Hydrogen) of a dipole being attracted to the negative end (Oxygen) of another dipole. 

Hydrogen Bonding- The strongest bond of the three, it takes place between a Hydrogen and the F, N, or O of another molecule. This bond is shown by the full line above.

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